4 Things To Consider Before Becoming A Firefighter

Title: 4 Things To Consider Before Becoming A Firefighter

Being a firefighter is the dream of a lot of young children in America. They play with fire trucks as a kid, imagining themselves running into a burning building to save the occupants and become a hero. While firefighters most certainly do those things, there are also other things that firefighters do on a daily basis that you may not be aware of because they aren’t news worthy.

Waiting…and Waiting

FirefightersFirefighters spend a lot of their time at work waiting. They could be surfing the Internet, checking out the best flushable cat litter when a call comes in. They have to be ready at the drop of a hat, and that includes waiting around until something happens. Most of a firefighter’s time is spent sitting around in the fire house. All of those movies and TV shows you see where guys are in the fire house shooting the breeze, cooking, watching TV, or working out are an accurate depiction of what sometimes goes on before a call comes in. Before becoming a firefighter, just know that your attention can go from cat litter to life saver in a matter of seconds.

Medical Emergencies

We don’t hear about this much, but firefighters are also relied upon for medical emergencies that don’t involve fires. People trust calling fire departments because they are quick, and don’t have the stigma that comes with some private ambulance services of avoiding bad areas and taking a long time to arrive. Firefighters have basic medical training for emergencies like CPR and bandage application, and they have the benefit of the firetruck to get people to the hospital through traffic.


Fighting fires and medical emergencies aren’t all that firefighters do, they also perform inspections at local businesses to make sure those businesses are up to code. They check fire alarms, evacuation routes, and smoke detectors to make sure things are in place and functioning properly if there ever is an emergency. They can spot things an average person couldn’t like a malfunctioning fire extinguisher, or an unsafe cooking device.

Maintaining Equipment

The life of a firefighter is often dependent on the equipment he works with. The fire truck has to be in tiptop running shape and ready to go in a split second, and all of the pumps, gauges, hoses, etc. on a fire truck must be in proper working order. Spending 24 or 48 hours at a time depending on these things to keep you and the people in your community alive is a big deal, so a lot of a firefighter’s time will be spent maintaining the trucks and firehouse so they are ready when a call comes in.


A firefighter is one of the most selfless and important jobs there are in the world today, and every community needs them whether they’re volunteer or funded by tax dollars. If you’re thinking about becoming a firefighter, be sure to think of what life will be like on a daily basis. Chicago Fire may be an entertaining show, but it’s not exactly accurate.


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