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Firearm Technology – Cool Tech On The Rise

Most firefighters will never use firearms unless they are purely for recreational purposes.  That being said, it’s still fun to talk about some of the technology out there that’s being talked about with folks in the firearms field.  Many firefighters have to respond to events that have taken place during a gunshot incident, and seeing new technology out there always gives a little hope that some of those incidents will eventually start to decrease.

My initial reaction to smart guns was one of skepticism. Can we rely on current technology to control the future? My first thought was no.  The “Superiority” warning from Arthur C. Clarke is both a blessing and a curse.  We can be too smart for our own good. But, if we weren’t too smart for our own good, we’d never make any discoveries.  We wouldn’t have face-time, or biometric fingerprint technology.  It is necessary to take risks and make an educated decision, even in regards to human safety.

New Technology

I do not agree that any gun whose safety systems are controlled by radio technology is reliable enough to sell in any capacity. There is the risk of tampering and making the gun unusable, thus defeating its original purpose, to defend the owner/operator.  But, this isn’t new technology. Controlling by radio waves is old technology. » Read more..