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Ranks and Roles of Firefighters in the United States

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Across the globe fire-fighting differs little from the military in terms of leadership titles, ranks and orders. There are several countries around the world that recognize similar titles of leadership within the fire administration but also ones who differ. This article will take a quick and uncomplicated look at the ranks and responsibilities of fire-fighters throughout the United States. This list and summarization will proceed from the lowest ranks to the highest points of authority in the administration. On a simple note, different fire houses have their own symbols, badges and insignias which we will not be including here.

For the purpose of clarification, Fire-fighters in America work under different charges that can be known as, Fire Rescue, Fire Companies, Fire Bureaus, Fire Divisions and Fire Protection Districts. There are also several company types called, Rescue Company, Truck Company, Engine Company,  Medic Company, Squad and a recently added one called Squint. » Read more..

Begin Your Firefighting Journey In High School

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If anyone has ever told you that you must go to college or university before you can begin any training to become a fire-fighter, they know little about what they are saying and mustn’t be very observant. To the contrary, high school courses can offer a valuable foundation of knowledge and training for anyone looking and is determined to get into the fire-fighting field. The following information can help propel you straight onto an effective path toward this decisive career goal.

This information is ideal for those about to begin their four years of high school. If you have already begun high school or at least you still have your senior year left to begin and finish, then it is suggested that you get into as many math and science courses as you can. It’s important to note from the beginning that a majority of fire-fighting departments will require their potential “working candidates” to pass a written test before they can give out any job offers. For many fire departments, there are selected certifications that must be obtained before you are either promoted or even hired. For example, there is what is called a Fire-Fighter 1 Certificate which is compulsory to have by many fire departments. In order to obtain this certificate you must first attain a Hazardous Materials Certificate which is chemically-related, so taking and passing a chemistry science class in high school would be a great asset. Biology will also give you an understanding of the human body which can aid in you (EMT) Emergency Medical Technician training further on down the road. » Read more..