Fire Safety – Prepping for an Emergency

In theory it always sounds nice and professional to tell others that they should always have a fire safety plan in chance of a fire. Maybe some will heed such advice and others will ignore it. The question you must answer now is do you know what to do in a fire emergency yourself? After reading this information, you should know for certain.

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Before you accomplish any task it is imperative that you prepare and make a plan. If there were to be a fire at your home or work place then the first thing you need to know at all times is where you are and how to get to each and every potential fire exit. It is vital to never forget that smoke will come from a fire and smoke is blinding to the eyes and it will fill in every place it can get to whether it’s in rooms, closets and hallways. In an abrupt fire emergency you will more than likely have to crawl on your hands and knees depending on how severe the fire is, so having a plan can be the difference between life and death.

If the possibility ever arises where smoke is visible to you or you actually see a fire but the building’s fire alarm hasn’t gone off, you will need to personally pull the fire alarm near the exit yourself. Once you have sounded the alarm you need to be sure you get yourself out of the building immediately. Make sure you know the emergency contact number(s) beforehand and be sure to call them right away just as soon as you are safely out of the building. ┬áIt’s also a good idea to make sure that you don’t have anything sitting on the ground, especially big objects like fishing kayaks or even bigger objects like tandem kayaks.

As a quick reminder, the procedure for discovering fire or seeing smoke is to get out of the area while being sure that all doors behind you are shut, set off the nearest fire alarm to the exit, shut off any types of equipment that is running (industrial, laboratory, etc. depending on where your building location is) and then get out.

If you are in a building that has elevator and stair access then be sure to take the stairs when you are leaving and never the elevator. If your location has signs posted about where you should go in case of a fire then be sure to follow their direction. Under no circumstances should you ever try to re-enter the building no matter whom or what it is for because there is no guarantee that you will get a chance to leave again.

If you have the opportunity to put out a small fire in a building then it might be worth trying (if you know what you are doing) and if the fire is too big then do not waste valuable time and just leave it.

If you are at home or the work place and someone else informs you of a fire or activates the fire alarm then you should walk to the nearest exit and avoid the elevators. If you suspect that someone is caught or stuck in the building then you must contact emergency services instantly. Again, meet at a designated area and do not try to re-enter the building.

In the event that you are trapped in smoke you need to drop to your hands and knees right away, stay low because smoke is thicker at higher positions in the air and hold your breath as much as you can while using something to filter your mouth and nose.

When trapped in a room you should close as many doors as feasible that are between yourself and the fire. Where applicable you should wet some cloth material and place is under any doors to block smoke from entering the room and if there is a window nearby then you should prepare to find a way to contact someone through it on the outside.

Finally, if someone has clothes that are on fire then you must direct and help that person get down on the ground and roll them while smothering out the flames. Of course if it is nearby then you can use water and contact emergency services as soon as possible.

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