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Ranks and Roles of Firefighters in the United States

tpsdave / Pixabay

Across the globe fire-fighting differs little from the military in terms of leadership titles, ranks and orders. There are several countries around the world that recognize similar titles of leadership within the fire administration but also ones who differ. This article will take a quick and uncomplicated look at the ranks and responsibilities of fire-fighters throughout the United States. This list and summarization will proceed from the lowest ranks to the highest points of authority in the administration. On a simple note, different fire houses have their own symbols, badges and insignias which we will not be including here.

For the purpose of clarification, Fire-fighters in America work under different charges that can be known as, Fire Rescue, Fire Companies, Fire Bureaus, Fire Divisions and Fire Protection Districts. There are also several company types called, Rescue Company, Truck Company, Engine Company,  Medic Company, Squad and a recently added one called Squint. » Read more..